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Vulcanoid News

here a quick update of the next step of this Vulcanoidsearch-project:

Four people have taken pictures during the eclipse of the fields where possible Vulcanoids might reside (Landon Noll, Manfred Rudolf, Jean-Luc Dighaye and Harro Treur). At the moment we are exchanging our data to see if similarities appear.
Landon Noll is planning to write an official academic publication of this search. The other three were invited as co-writer.

Meanwhile, Karl Battams of the SOHO-team has provided us with processed high resolution images of the LASCO-C3-coronograph, taken on march 29th.

After a long search on the internet I just found out what the position of the SOHO-spacecraft was on E-day. With this information, we have an idea of the parallax to be expected (between 11' and 17' eastwards).
Tonight I will compare the SOHO-images with my own images.

Harro Treur

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