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occulting device

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Build an occulting fixture for your telescope Mitch Cluck This device is designed to partially occult the objective of your telescope to block out extraneous light from the moon when you wish to observe a fainter object that is located next to the moon. My version is built to connect to my Meade ETX-90EC. You will have to build an appropriate version for any other type of telescope. Adding a layer of solar screen material to the bottom occulting ring structure will allow you to observe the area around the sun without the sun's glare obstructing the view. An alternative method is to use this device without the solar screen material early in the morning when the sun is just coming up over the horizon.
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How large does it have to be to a Vulcanoid asteroid?

Vulcanoid Search Topics
How large does an object have to be to count as a Vulcanoid asteroid? At what point does something become just a dust?
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