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Copyright © Dr. Daniel Durda, 2005. All rights reserved.

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Copyright © Landon Curt Noll, 2005. All rights reserved.
Copyright © Landon Curt Noll and Hamilton Meyer, 2005. All rights reserved.

Linking to our site:

You are welcome establish links to the HTML and CGI pages on our site. In fact we appreciate & encourage links to our site. After all, that is the way the web was intended to be used!

As a courtesy to us and a kindness to our server(s), please do not directly link to images (e.g., GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO files) on our site.

Use of images on this site:

If you want to use any of the images found on this site, then please contact us to ask before doing so. You will find that we are reasonable about reasonable requests.

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