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The Search for Vulcanoid Asteroids: It is a inner solar system quest that has been on-going since at least 1859.  The very innermost region of our solar system is known as the Vulcanoid zone, and remains largely unexplored.  An asteroid whose mean distance is less than that of Mercury’s distance to the Sun would be declared to reside within the Vulcanoid zone and would be called a Vulcanoid asteroid.  Because of reecent advances in astronomy, inexpensive CCDs, portable telescopes, image processing software, and the Inteternet you have an unprecedented opportunity for discovering Vulcanoid asteroids and to add to our knowledge of this region of space.

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Browse the latest forum topics to get a feel for the community. Consider introducing yourself with a post to the "Miscellaneous Chit-chat" forum.

If you plan to observe a total solar eclipse, please post your plans to the "Coordinating Eclipse Observations" forum. Vulcanoid Eclipse observers who coodinate their observations with others situated in different observing sites have a significant advantage in finding Vulcanoid asteroids.

The "Vulcanoid Imaging Techniques" forum is a good place discuss how best to image Vulcanoids.

The "Vulcanoid Search Topics" forum is a good place to discuss methods and strategies for finding Vulcanoids.

We've also provided a list of helpful Links to other resources on the net.

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