Landon Noll's observation plans

Coordinating Eclipse Observations

I plan to observe the 29 March 2006 Eclipse 80 km south of the Jalu Oasis in Libya near 28º17’53.5”N (28.2982ºN) - 21º34’10.9”E (21.5697ºE).

The duration of totality: is about 04:02 and the Sun Altitude during totality is 62.4º. 2nd contact (start of totality) is about 10:26:49 UTC. 3rd contact (end of totality) is about 10:30:52 UTC.

I will be taking images of Vulcanoids with a Canon 20Da camera.  This camera's 3504 x 2336 pixel CMOS sensor is not covered with an IR filter making the camera more suitable for Red/almost-near-IR photography.  Vulcanoids should be somewhat brigher as one moves from Red, through the almost-near-IR and into near-IR wavelengths.
I am currently considering the use a EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM lens.  Because the Canon 20Da has a 1.6 focal length multiplier (due to the size of the sensor relative to 35mm film) I will have field of view that is 6.4º wide and 4.3º high.

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Vulcanoid Search Article to appear in Sky & Telescope

Vulcanoid News

An article on Searching for Vulcanoids that will appear in the Jan 2006 issue Sky & Telescope, page 87.

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